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Black Girls Wealth was founded to continue the ongoing Economic Justice initiative-evolving each generation. Ensuring equitable economic outcomes for Black girls in the New Digital Economy. 

Black Girls Wealth Corporation is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization.

Donations are tax-deductible.

IRS Determination Letter Available Upon Request.

Black Girls Wealth will provide the necessary economic empowerment tools for the New Digital Economy. Economically Empowering, and Inspiring marginalize girls ages 10-17. 

Black Girls Wealth will serve as an economic learning and retooling hub for Black adolescent girls.

Black Girls Wealth will provide exposure and prepare Black girls to create sustainable wealth tools through education, financial literacy, banking, investing, entrepreneurship and college readiness.

 Fostering civics engagement, Black history education and culture arts.

Black Girls Wealth is conscious of the facts; that without race-specific public policy, limits Black girl's abilities to transfer generational wealth.  

Black Girls Green is our Climate Change initiative and commitment to building environmental stewards— Ensuring sustainable economic future for Black girls. 

Black Girls Wealth will work in partnership with the experts in economics, finance, digital spaces of banking, including but not limited to blockchain, fintech, central bank digital currency and cryptocurrencies. 

Black Girls Wealth will work in partnership with community experts in the private sector, local, state and federal agency to provide the exposure experiences, interns, mentoring and educational hands-on opportunities— Building cohorts and pipelines for a inclusive workforce in New Digital Economy. 

"However, in order to truly close the Black-white wealth gap, much greater systemic and structural change across a range of policy areas will be necessary.” -The Hamilton Project

Our Mission

Ensuring Equitable Economic Outcomes for Black Girls in the New Digital Economy.

Our Mission

Our Vision

At Black Girls Wealth, our mission is to empower Black girls through education and advocacy, fostering their ability to build and transfer wealth across generations while thriving in the new

digital economy.

We Need Your Support Today!

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